Honda lA� dA?ng xe ba�� A�A?nh ca??p nhia�?u nha??t trong nA?m 2015

HA�ng nA?m, NICB a�� ca�?c ta��i pha??m ba??o hia�?m qua��c gia Ma�?- sa?? cA?ng ba�� danh sA?ch 10 dA?ng xe ba�� A�A?nh ca??p nhia�?u nha??t.A� Danh sA?ch a�?Hot Wheelsa�? ca��a nA?m 2015 khA?ng cha�� bao ga��m nha�?ng ma?�u xe pha�� thA?ng mA� cA?n cA? ca?? xe bA?n ta??i. Song nha�?ng dA?ng sedan luA?n gA?y A�?�a�?c chA? A? ca��a nha�?ng tA?n A�a??o chA�ch, A�a?�c bia��t lA� dA?ng xe Honda. Ba�Yi vA� Honda Accord vA� Honda Civic lA� 2 dA?ng xe ba�� A�A?nh ca??p nhia�?u nha??t trong nA?m qua va��i h??n 100.000 chia??c ba�� ma??t.

D?�a��i A�A?y lA� danh sA?ch 10 ma?�u xe ba�� A?n ca??p nhia�?u nha??t trong nA?m 2015

1. Honda Accord (52.244 chia??c)


2. Honda Civic (49.430 chia??c)


3. Ford F-Series pickup (29.396 chia??c)


4. Chevrolet pickup (27.771 chia??c)


5. Toyota Camry (15.446 chia??c)


6. Dodge Ram pickup (11.212 chia??c)


7. Toyota Corolla (10.547 chia??c)


8. Nissan Altima (10.374 chia??c)


9. Dodge Caravan (9.798 chia??c)


10. Chevrolet Impala (9.225 chia??c)


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