Nha�?ng l?�u A? ca?�n nha�� A�a�? lA?i xe an toA�n vA�o ban A�A?m

LA?i xe vA�o ban A�A?m tia�?m a?�n nhia�?u ma��i ngy hia�?m vA� tha?? A�A?i ha�?i ng?�a�?i lA?i pha??i ca?�n tra�?ng h??n. NgoA�i nha�?ng via��c ca?�n lA�m nh?� va�� sinh A�A?n pha, va�� sinh ba�? ma?�t kA�nh, cha��nh g?�??ng chia??u ha?�u,a�� lA?i xe ca?�n l?�u A? nha�?ng ya??u ta�� sau:

Na??m rA� cung A�?�a�?ng, la�� trA�nh


A?a sa�� cA?c ma?�u A? tA? hia��n nay A�a�?u A�?�a�?c trang ba�� ha�� tha��ng A�a��nh va��, da?�n A�?�a�?ng. Khi sa�� da�?ng ha�� tha��ng nA�y nha�?ng hA�nh a??nh, thA?ng tin A�a�?u A�?�a�?c hia�?n tha�� trA?n mA�n hA�nh trung tA?m. Ba??n cha�� ca?�n cha��nh A?nh sA?ng sao cho phA? ha�?p A�a�? da�� dA�ng quan sA?t vA� khA?ng ba�� chA?i ma??t lA� A�?�a�?c.

Di chuya�?n va��i ta��c A�a�� phA? ha�?p, gia�? khoa??ng cA?ch an toA�n

UPDATED CAPTION FOR 042916: MoPac Boulevard typically backs up for morning commuters. Mayor Steve Adler noted the road saw reduced travel times when President Barack Obama visited in March because so many workers stayed home.  *** The morning commute into Austin has slowed considerably for motorists as a lane reduction on the northbound side of Mopac Blvd (Loop 1) between Cesar Chavez and Enfield Rd. has caused backups for miles.  RALPH BARRERA/ AMERICAN-STATESMAN

A?ia�?u khia�?n xe vA�o ban A�A?m bA?c tA�i nA?n di chuya�?n cha?�m h??n A�a�? phA? ha�?p khoa??ng chia??u sA?ng ca��a ha�� tha��ng A�A?n pha A�a��ng tha�?i khA?ng v?�a�?t quA? ta��c A�a�� cho phA�p. Gia�? khoa??ng cA?ch an toA�n va��i cA?c xe phA�a tr?�a��c A�a�? ka��p pha??n a��ng tr?�a��c nha�?ng tA�nh hua��ng ba??t nga�?.

Sa�� da�?ng ha�?p lA? cha?? A�a�� chia??u sA?ng pha, ca��t


ThA?ng th?�a�?ng A�A?n chia??u sA?ng cA? 2 cha?? A�a�� pha vA� ca��t. A?A?n ca��t lA� A�A?n chia??u ga?�n cA? gA?c chia??u tha??p giA?p lA?i xe quan sA?t ma?�t A�?�a�?ng, A�A?n pha lA� A�A?n cA? c?�a�?ng A�a�� A?nh sA?ng ma??nh, chia??u xa h??n giA?p ng?�a�?i A�ia�?u khia�?n xe nhA�n tha??y ch?�a��ng nga??i va?�t vA� cA?c bia�?n bA?o ta�� xa.

LA?i xe cha�� nA?n sa�� da�?ng A�A?n pha khi cha??y trA?n A�?�a�?ng cao ta��c, A�?�a�?ng tr?�a�?ng A�t ph?�??ng tia��n vA� khA?ng cA? xe A�i ng?�a�?c chia�?u. CA?n va��i nha�?ng A�oa??n A�?�a�?ng cA? da??i phA?n cA?ch tha??p, hoa?�c a�Y cha�� cA? va??ch lia�?n hay va??ch A�a��t, cA? xe A�i ng?�a�?c chia�?u thA� nA?n chuya�?n va�? cha?? A�a�� A�A?n ca��t. NhA?y A�A?n A�a�? ra hia��u xin v?�a�?t, A�a��ng tha�?i A�A? A�A?n pha A�a�? ma�Y ra��ng gA?c quan sA?t sau A�A? chuya�?n va�? A�A?n ca��t.

KhA?ng nhA�n tra��c dia��n vA�o A�A?n pha xe cha??y ng?�a�?c chia�?u


Khi ga?�p tA�nh hua��ng xe ng?�a�?c chia�?u ba?�t A�A?n pha, sa?? khia??n bA?c tA�i lA?a ma??t vA� khA? quan sA?t. LA?c nA�y khA?ng nA?n nhA�n tra��c dia��n vA�o A�A?n pha ca��a xe ng?�a�?c chia�?u. Na??u ba�� chA?i quA? thA� nA?n gia??m ta��c A�a�� cha?�m la??i, quan sA?t A�?�a�?ng phA�a tr?�a��c hoa?�c nhA�n cha??ch va�? phA�a la�? A�?�a�?ng A�a�? A�a??m ba??o an toA�n.

Da��ng xe la??i ngha�� ng??i khi ca??m tha??y bua��n nga��


Trong quA? trA�nh lA?i xe na??u ca??m tha??y bua��n nga�� hay ma��t ma�?i ba??n nA?n A�a�� xe vA�o n??i an toA�n, ngha�� ng??i cho A�a??n khi nA�o ca??m tha??y ta��nh tA?o ra��i ha??n lA?i xe tia??p. Nha�� mang theo ba??ng bA?o hia��u cA? ga??n A�A?n pha??n quang A�a�? sa�� da�?ng trong tr?�a�?ng ha�?p kha?�n ca??p.

LA?i xe A? tA? vA�o ban A�A?m A�?�a�?c xem lA� tha�� thA?ch A�a��i va��i cA?c bA?c tA�i do ta?�m nhA�n ba�� ha??n cha??, c?? tha�? da�� r??i vA�o tra??ng thA?i ma��t ma�?i. 5 L?�u A? trA?n hi va�?ng sa?? giA?p tA�i xa?? A�a??m ba??o an toA�n khi lA?i xe vA�o ban A�A?m.

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