Xe giA? ra?� Kia Rio 2015 cA? gA�?

Kia va��a chA�nh tha��c gia��i thia��u phiA?n ba??n nA?ng ca??p ca��a ma?�uA� Kia Rio hatchbackA� giA? ra?� ta??i tria�?n lA?m Paris Motor Show. a�z phiA?n ba??n ma��i nA�y, Kia Rio cA? dia��n ma??o ma??nh ma?? h??n vA� na��i tha??t A�?�a�?c nA?ng ca??p A�A?ng ka�?.

Xe giA? ra?� Kia Rio 2015 cA? gA� 1
1.Ngoa??i tha??t ca��a Kia rio cA? gA� ma��i?

Va�? ngoa??i hA�nh, Kia Rio cA? thay A�a��i da�� nha?�n tha??y nha??t a�Y ma?�u ma��i chA�nh lA� l?�a��i ta??n nhia��t A�?�a�?c chia lA� pha?�n tha�? thao h??n vA� A�?�a�?c ha?? tha??p, A�A?n s?�??ng mA? ma��i. A?ia�?u nA�y giA?p dia��n ma??o ca��a xe thay A�a��i A�A?ng ka�? so va��i Kia Rio cA�. A?A?n s?�??ng mA? ca��a Rio ma��i cA? hA�nh da??ng nh?� A�A?i cA?nh vA� A�a?�m cha??t xe A�ua. L?�a��i ta??n nhia��t va��i ca??m ha��ng mA�i ha�� giA?p xe tra�Y nA?n ga�?n vA� cha??c cha??n, A�A?n pha A�?�a�?c thia??t ka?? la??i giA?p xe thA?m t?�??i ma��i vA� hA�i hA?a.
Trang ba�� cho mA?m xe Kia Rio giA? ra?� 2015 ga��m ba tA?y cha�?n kA�ch ca�? ta�� 15 A�a??n 17 inch. Pha?�n A�uA?i xe, ca�? tha�? lA� ca??n sa��c sau A�?�a�?c lA�m la??i ra��ng h??n vA� cA? mA�u A�en, giA?p xe tra�Y nA?n phong cA?ch

2. Na��i tha??t ca��a Kia rio 2015

Va�? na��i tha??tca��a Kia Rio 2015, khoang lA?i ca��a Rio ma��i cA? sa�� xua??t hia��n ca��a ma��t sa�� chi tia??t ba?�ng crA?m a�Y khe A�ia�?u hA?a vA� cA?c phA�m ba??m bA?n ca??nh mA�n hA�nh ca��a ha�� tha��ng thA?ng tin gia??i trA�. CA?c chi tia??t cA?n la??i va?�n khA?ng cA? gA� thay A�a��i so va��i na��i tha??t ca��a Kia Rio tha?? ha�� hia��n ta??i.
Kia mang A�a??n cho ba??n nA?ng ca??p Rio ma��i ba tA?y cha�?n A�a��ng c?? va��i cA?ng sua??t ta�� 74 A�a??n 108 mA? la��c A�a��i va��i ba??n chA?u A�u. CA?c tA?y cha�?n A�a��ng c?? nA�y sa?? A�?�a�?c trang ba�� kA?m ha�� tha��ng start/stop, giA?p xe tia??t kia��m nhiA?n lia��u. Trong khi A�A? Kia Rio ta??i tha�� tr?�a�?ng Ma�? va?�n sa?? tia??p ta�?c sa�� da�?ng A�a��ng c?? 4 xi-lanh tha??ng hA�ng, dung tA�ch 1.6L, sa??n sinh cA?ng sua??t 138 mA? la��c.

D?�a��i A�A?y lA� giA? xe Kia Rio 2015 mA� ChA?ng tA?i va��a ca?�p nha?�t A�a�? cA?c ba??n tia��n tham kha??o

GiA? xe Kia Rio 2015 Sedan MT lA� 490 tria��u A�a��ng
GiA? xe Kia Rio 2015 Sedan AT lA� 536 tria��u A�a��ng
GiA? xe Kia Rio 2015 hatchback lA� 579 tria��u A�a��ng

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