Nha�?ng A�ia�?m ma��i ca��a Honda CR-V 2017 so va��i phiA?n ba??n hia��n ta??i

Trong ba��i ca??nh phA?n khA?c crossover A�A? tha�� A�ang ngA�y cA�ng ca??nh tranh kha��c lia��t, Honda A�A? quya??t A�a��nh tia??p thA?m sa��c ma??nh cho “A�a��a con c?�ng” Honda CR-V ba?�ng via��c tung ra tha?? ha�� ma��i ca��a ma?�u xe nA�y va��i khA? nhia�?u ca??i tia??n. Va?�y so va��i ba??n nang ca??p 2015, Honda CR-V 2017 sa�Y ha�?u nha�?ng A�ia�?m gA� na��i bA?t?

“La��t xA?c” va�? dia��n ma??oNha�?ng A�ia�?m ma��i ca��a Honda CR-V 2017 so va��i phiA?n ba??n hia��n ta??i 1

So va��i tha?? ha�� cA�, thia??t ka?? ca��a CR-V 2017 thay A�a��i khA? nhia�?u va��i nha�?ng A�?�a�?ng nA�t sa??c sa??o cA?ng phong cA?ch hia��n A�a??i h??n. Pha?�n A�a?�u xe a??n t?�a�?ng ba�Yi l?�a��i ta??n nhia��t A�?�a�?c thia??t ka?? la??i va��i thanh ngang la��n ca��ng cA?p cA?ng 2 A�?�a�?ng via�?n ca�?-rA?m phA�a trA?n vA� d?�a��i ta??o ca??m giA?c sang tra�?ng.

Ca�?m A�A?n pha thia??t ka?? hA�nh cha�? C nh?�ng A�?�a�?c kA�o dA�i h??n vA� ba�� sung thA?m da??i A�A?n LED trA?n phiA?n ba??n cao ca??p Touring. A?A?n s?�??ng mA? cA�ng thia??t ka?? cA? tA�nh hA�nh cha�? C ng?�a�?c h?�a��ng va��i A�A?n pha, ca??n tr?�a��c ha?�m ha�� h??n cA?ng mA?m xe cA?ch A�ia��u va��i tA?y cha�?n 17 hoa?�c 18 inch, thia??t ka?? khA? gia��ng ma?�u xe Honda Odyssey.

KhA?ng cha�� thay A�a��i a�Y A�a?�u xe, pha?�n A�uA?i xe ca��a Honda CR-V tha?? ha�� ma��i cA?n A�?�a�?c ca??i tia??n nhia�?u h??n va��i ca�?m A�A?n khA? la?? ma??t liA?n ka??tA�va��i nhau ba�Yi ma��t thanh ngang to ba??n, tA�ch ha�?p logo Honda.

Na��i tha??t hia��n A�a??i, cao ca??p h??nNha�?ng A�ia�?m ma��i ca��a Honda CR-V 2017 so va��i phiA?n ba??n hia��n ta??i 2

KhA?ng gia��ng nh?� ngoa??i tha??t, na��i tha??t trA?n Honda CR-V 2017 khA?ng cA? quA? nhia�?u thay A�a��i so va��i tha?? ha�� tia�?n nhia��m. Tha?�m chA�, phong cA?ch thia??t ka?? cA?n A�?�a�?c tinh cha��nh A�??n gia??n h??n a�Y ma��t sa�� chi tia??t nh?� vA?-lA?ng, ba??ng A�ia�?u khia�?n, ca�?m A�a��ng ha�� kA� thua?�t sa��… Ma?�c dA? va?�y, theo tuyA?n ba�� ca��a hA?ng xe Nha?�t, CR-V ma��i sa?? A�?�a�?c trang ba�� thA?m ma��t sa�� chi tia??t ma��i nh?� thanh tr?�a�?t ca??m a��ng thay tha?? cA?c nA?m xoay A�ia�?u khia�?n ha�� tha��ng thA?ng tin gia??i trA�, mA�n hA�nh ca??m a��ng 7 inch ma��i va��i kha?? nA?ng ka??t na��i Apple CarPlay vA� ka??t na��i Android ta�� A�a��ng.

BA?n ca??nh A�A?, cA�ng theo tuyA?n ba�� ta�� Honda, CR-V 2017 sa?? A�?�a�?c kA�o dA�i thA?m 50.8 mm chia�?u dA�i c?? sa�Y xe. A?ia�?u nA�y giA?p ma?�u crossover nA�y sa�Y ha�?u khA?ng gian na��i tha??t ra��ng rA?i, thoa??i mA?i h??n so va��i tha?? ha�� tia�?n nhia��m.

La?�n A�a?�u tiA?n trang ba�� A�a��ng c?? tA?ng A?pNha�?ng A�ia�?m ma��i ca��a Honda CR-V 2017 so va��i phiA?n ba??n hia��n ta??i 3

a�z tha?? ha�� ma��i, CR-V sa?? tra�Y thA�nh ma?�u xe ga?�m cao A�a?�u tiA?n ca��a Honda A�?�a�?c trang ba�� A�a��ng c?? tA?ng A?p. Ca�? tha�?, phiA?n ba??n A�a��ng c?? ma��i trA?n ma?�u crossover nA�y sa?? lA� A�a��ng c?? 1.5 lA�t Turbo DOHC tha��a ka?? ta�� “A�A�n anh” Honda Civic. A?a��ng c?? nA�y sa??n sinh cA?ng sua??t 190 mA? la��c vA� mA?-men xoa??n ca��c A�a??i 243 Nm.

BA?n ca??nh A�A?, Honda cA�ng gia�? la??i A�a��ng c?? 2.4 lA�t i-VTEC phun xA?ng tra��c tia??p trA?n tha?? ha�� cA� nh?� ma��t tA?y cha�?n. A?a��ng c?? nA�y cho cA?ng sua??t 184 mA? la��c vA� mA? men xoa??n 244 Nm. Ca?? hai A�a��ng c?? ka�? trA?n A�a�?u ka??t ha�?p cA?ng ha��p sa�� vA? ca??p CVT.

Theo thA?ng bA?o ta�� Honda A� tA? Ba??c Ma�?, tha?? ha�� ma��i ca��a Honda CR-V sa?? chA�nh tha��c A�?�a�?c bA?n ra ta??i Ba??c Ma�? vA�o cua��i nA?m 2016.

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